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TOEFL Course


  • To prepare the learners to acquire a reasonably high TOEFL score above 105.
  • To help students acquire the famous four skills of Speaking-Writing-Listening-Reading up to an unforgettable level.
  • Providing an effective guidance for acquiring a desired accent.
  • Helping the students to maintain their skill even in the post-test era.

Designed Levels:

  • Pre-Intermediate:
    • I) Foundational basics including Reading, Vocabulary basic, Grammar, etc. will be taught as the main body of the course.
    • II) TOEFL techniques shall not be presented to the members of this level till they acquire the minimum criteria of the Intermediate level.
    • III) The estimated time span of this level is supposedly between 1 to 1/5 month.
    • IV) Group session is the best option for the members of this level.
    • V) Two sessions a week shall suffice (1 hour and half).
    • VI) Suggested Books:
      • A) 504
      • B) Essential Words for TOEFL
      • C) Oxford Idioms and Phrasal Verbs
      • D) Select Readings (Intermediate/Upper-intermediate Level)
      • E) Delta TOEFL IBT.
      • F) Understanding and Learning English Grammar (Azar)
  • Intermediate:
    • I) Members of this level have an “acceptable” level of English, and they shall be presented with Advance English notions as well as TOEFL techniques.
    • II) TOEFL techniques are taught with a relatively slower pace when compared to the Advance students.
    • III) Sessions are divided into two halves: General English Course / TOEFL Preparation
    • IV) As the mid-term analysis, students will be presented with a TPO test.
    • V) The best, most fruitful performance will be achieved by holding classes including 4-6 students.
    • VI) The estimated time of this level is supposedly 2 months.
    • VII) One Session a week shall suffice. (2 hours, totally 8 sessions)
    • VIII) Suggested Books:
      • A) Essential Words for TOEFL
      • B) 1100
      • C) Word Power Made Easy
      • D) Oxford Idioms
      • E) Delta TOEFL IBT
  • TOEFL Advance:
    • I) Classes will revolve round the TOEFL techniques (as well as English corrections) only.
    • II) Sessions are divided between two halves: Writing Preparation/ Speaking Preparation
    • III) Listening and Reading skills will be presented through general guidance; the main burden of these two is on the shoulder of the learner himself/herself, regarding his/her already perfect English.
    • IV) Classes achieve the best performance when including not more than three students.
    • V) The estimated time of this level is supposedly three weeks.
    • VI) Two sessions a week shall suffice. (One discussion Session and one Teaching Session)

The “estimated time” is the time required for presenting the data to be learned; there needs to be a span for practice and mastering the data.