World Poetry Day: The Iranian Poet Contest

World Poetry Day: The Iranian Poet Contest

The Iranian Poet ContestAiming To celebrate the world poetry day ELSA formed a poetry contest participated by Iranian poets from all over the world. The competition awarded the best English poems written by Iranians and the top poems were celebrated at a public event on April 14 in the faculty. Poems were judged based on originality, creativity and artistic quality by the panel of judges which included two members from the English Department of the University of Tehran and one external judge. Judging was blind and names were removed from the submitted poems before they were given to the judges. Top contestants read their poems and along with the three winners received certificates of Achievement.  The winner of the competition was awarded with 2500000 rials,the second runner-up with 1500000 rials and the first runner-up with 1000000 rials. Litracoria published the three top poems in its last issue.

The Iranian Poet Contest – Full Report (PDF download)

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