“The Feline Isaac” by Nima Bahrami

It was one of those typical autumnal days. One that would make a man say “so the wind won’t blow it all away” as he witnesses the wind howling through the leaf-strewn alleys. To our utter surprise, regarding describing that day as a “typical” one, Abraham the cat was uttering those exact words as he was shaving his chest hair in front of a murky mirror that he had found weeks ago. The rusty razor seesawed on his chest as the falling leaves swung down lightly with a slight rustle. He looked at the obscured image of himself as he murmured those words again. That was Sarah’s favorite quote. She used to say it on such typical autumnal days as that day. Those days in which they strolled along the alleys as young lovers, making love in the gutters filled with fallen autumn leaves. All those crispy rusty leaves covering her, making a beautiful harmony with her gold, yellowish maroon plumage. All those vibrant vivid colored leaves yet cold and dead.
Abraham gazed at his young and only son from the side of the unkempt mirror. A one month old kitten, resembling his mom with his big blue eyes and gold, yellowish maroon plumage. Who could have thought that such a cute, helpless creature had carved his way out of his mother in such a brutal way that she didn’t even had the chance to breathe her last? Now he was there, watching his father as he was shaving his chest hair. His big blue eyes focused on the razor almost hypnotized by the hairball that was forming by it. Abraham was almost finished. He looked at his shiny clean-shaven chest praising it. It was just the way Sarah would have liked it and what a odd taste she had when it came to male cats and their style! He walked toward a small pile of trash near the highway with his kitten following him with his eyes wide open and focused on the hairball. Abraham took the hairball (which astonishingly resembled a ball of yarn) off the razor and tossed it trying to make a hairy peak for the stinking pile of trash. The young kitten leapt to catch the ball as a sudden gusty breeze blew and landed it in the middle of the highway. The old cat didn’t even had the chance to yell before a truck ran over the kitten, depriving him of his life.

“The Feline Isaac” by Nima Bahrami – 3rd Place Winner
Flash Fiction Contest 2016

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