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Litracoria is the first English literary magazine published in Iran. It was founded by the English Literature Student Association (ELSA) of University of Tehran in 2014. Among many reasons behind its foundation, we primarily wanted to create what we were craving for to read; we wanted to read about the foreign literature and language in a way closer to our way of perception and insights as literature students. Litracoria was meant to appease our appetite for a simpler, but deeper sense of literature, but little by little, it turned out to be more than what we were looking for.

Having put all that we had into its first issue, Litracoria became a success. It won multiple prizes and turned into a source of inspiration for many readers. In addition, as we had decided to dedicate 15% of our sales profit to charitable activities, the first issue made enough to help children diagnosed with cancer (Mahak Organization). In other words, Litracoria fulfilled many promises that it had never made.

As a part of the English Literature Student Association, Litracoria became the supporter of many competitions and activities. Mainly, it aimed to support non-anglophones who wish to express themselves in English as today’s international language. Litracoria tries to create a space where language is less than an issue; it wants to enlarge the horizon of the World literature.

Now, Litracoria has turned into an instance of interaction between fans of literature from all over the world. Litracoria is a chance for young writers and thinkers to exchange their views regardless of their nationalities and situations. Litracoria wants to serve as the literary media to those readers who crave for young and genuine viewpoints and ideas. Litracoria supports the young writers looking for being read.


Theme-centered issues with a focus on literature but covering a variety other arts

Literature has never been easy to be distinguished from other domains of art. Despite their various circumstances and time periods, movements and ideas appear in both domains at one time or another. This phenomenon helps create multiple structures and forms due to tiny bits of different facts. The study of such differences highlights the situation and characteristics by which the movement was reborn and can help the comprehension of these movements.

Coming up with Litracoria’s first issue, we decided to exploit the chosen literary theme in other domains of art as well as in literature. Every issue of Litracoria consists of a number of articles with the same literary/artistic theme. This helped us in many ways. Apart from the diversity it brought to the magazine, we were able to find interested volunteers who found their inspiration in arts such as music, painting, plastic arts and even video games. At the end, we knew this was what we had been looking for: an space for everyone with an artistic spirit.

A cross-cultural experience

Another subject that we wanted to touch for sure were the domains of literature and arts in Iran. For many reasons, arts and artists had been somewhat cast away from our society in the past. This gap cost the Iranian society and culture severely; people were ignorant of their heritage and artists lacked the support they needed from their society.

But the situation has been changing. As we went on with our research for Litracoria, we realized that beneath our very eyes, there is a whole world of art that could be heard and appreciated by many people who, at the moment, crave for it and are oblivious to it. The amazing part is that much of this world takes its roots from ancient times that not only belongs to us, but to the humanity in general.

In the world of today, borders have started to lose their traditional sense. Every piece of art and every creation talks to the soul of humanity and this is why it is important to get into the art of other cultures. In order to make sense, we need to stick the worldwide aesthetics together and reunite the fragmented soul of art. This is why we decided that we absolutely should dedicate a part of our magazine to the cross-cultural experiences of art and artists.

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How can I get PDF version of the magazine?

You can subscribe for PDF version in the subscription page.

How can I submit my stories and poems to be featured in the magazine?

You can visit our Submissions Page and submit them, after the review process it may get featured in the upcoming issue of the magazine. The ones that lose the chance of being featured in the magazine, get the chance of being featured on the site, so don’t worry! 🙂

Am I paid for my submitted poems and stories?

Unfortunately not yet, but we are working hard to make that possible in the future.

Where is Litracoria magazine distributed?

Litracoria magazine’s is distributed in some big bookstores and universities in Iran, they are listed here. If you don’t have access to those bookstores you can easily purchase the PDF version of the magazine.

How can I write for Litracoria magazine? (not creative writing)

Interested in Medieval literature? or maybe Victorian arts? No matter what your interests are, you can write in Litracoria. Any gifted writer can contribute to and be a part of Litracoria team. You need to complete this form, we’ll get in touch with you soon.

I am a photographer, graphic designer, programmer or marketing expert, can I still be part of Litracoria team?

Yes, different people with different skills contribute to Litracoria, from poets to critics, and from painters to graphic designers. You can see a list of preferred skills at Litracoria here. The thing is that we enjoy our differences and what we learn from each other in our daily experiences. If you are happy enough, apply for a position in Litracoria, if you are not, apply too because our happiness is contagious! 🙂

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You can review Litracoria’s previously published issues right here. To support us, you can buy the PDF version of our back issues from here.

Upcoming issues become available 6 months after they’re published. Hope you enjoy our efforts!

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