Academic Writing on English Literature:  A How-to Workshop

Academic Writing on English Literature: A How-to Workshop

An article on literature addresses a particular question not to answer but to ask it more lucidly. A literary essay is not necessarily the result of knowledge and experience; it might be an outcome of the process of moving naturally towards a position. It is a chance to form your ideas in a presentable package as the time and the place require. This workshop is an opportunity to get a few practical tips on how to write and how to get published in the realm of English literature suggesting an attitude to literature, offering a framework for approaching literature, and formulating a strategy to write on literature.

To be covered:

  • Philosophy of Writing on Literature
  • Generation of Ideas
  • Art of Literary Research
  • Title, Abstract, Key words
  • Research Questions
  • Kinds of Primary Texts and Secondary Texts
  • Reference Books and Online Resources
  • Development of an Argument
  • The Author’s Voice; The Reader’s Ears
  • The First Paragraph; The Last Paragraph
  • Citation and Plagiarism
  • Publication in the Refereed Journals
  • A Survey of Some Canonical Literary Articles

Workshop Director: Hamed Habibzadeh
(English Department, University of Kashan)

  • Registration Fee: 60,000 T, 15% off for UT students
  • Dates: Saturdays, 9 Ordibehesht and 16 Ordibehesht, 3:30 to 6pm
  • Venue: Salon 3, Ground Floor, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures, University of Tehran
  • Registration Deadline: 8 Ordibehesht
  • Participants will receive certificates of attendance at the end of the workshop

Online Registration:



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