Haiku Contest: Winners Announced!

Haiku Contest: Winners Announced!

Dear Friends of ELSA

We appreciate your warm words and your concerns about the results of this contest which are being announced today with some delay. We apologize if this caused you any trouble.

The diversity of the contestants was truly amazing to us, we acknowledge this and we are proud of it and we thank you all for your participation.

We would like to also send our gratitude to dear Bob Holman who honored us by accepting to be the contest judge. It was our absolute pleasure to work with you.

Without further ado here are the winners and the honorable mentions:


1st place:

Touba Sheikhshab




2nd place:

Ali Rabiei




3rd place:

Marek Kozubek

(Untitled haiku)


Honorable mentions:

4th place: Pouya Gorji, The Lynch Mob Are Nothing To Dream Of

5th place: Mohammad Sadegh Sadeghi, Late-night gibberish

6th place: Justice Joseph Prah, untitled haiku

7th place: Tala Bakhtiary, Live (ikiru 生きる) – breath (iki )

8th place: Viktoria Isabell Piasecki, Dust on your shoulders


Congratulations to the 3 winners and the 5 honorable mentions. You will be contacted in the next few days to receive your prizes and certificates.

The 8 haikus above will be published here on Litracoria.com during the next coming weeks.

Watch below what Bob Homan has said about your poems.

Keep in mind that the haikus were submitted to the judge without them including the name and identity of their poets. Instead, they were only given numbers.

( In case you have any problems watching the video you may copy-paste the following address in your browser  youtube.com/watch?v=mbHsxPLyE54 )

If you have any questions or comments reach us via elsa@litracoria.com






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