Flash Fiction Contest 2016

Flash Fiction Contest 2016

Are you interested in writing flash fiction? Have you ever tried writing one? If not, why don’t you give it a try? This is an opportunity to challenge yourself and test your ability as a writer.
Write us a flash fiction of less than 500 words and enter this contest to evaluate yourself.
For those less familiar with flash fiction the following links may be of use:

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Flash Fiction FAQs
Flash Fiction: What’s It All About?

Contest requirements:

  • Eligibility
    • The contest is open to all individuals.
    • Please be mindful of plagiarism to avoid disqualification.
  • Entry Format
    • The story must be less than 500 words and in English language only.
    • Only one entry is allowed.
    • Be aware of offensive, illegal or inappropriate contents, it may lead to disqualification.
    • By entering the contest, the writer gives permission for the piece to be published by ELSA in Litracoria magazine and anthology of the contest submissions.



To eliminate any chances of unfairness, the papers submitted to the judges are removed of any personal identification.

Judging Criteria:

  • Emotional Impact
    The overall reading experience is one the most important factors of a good story. Is the reader going to remember the story for the emotional connection he has made with the text? Is the story compelling, leaving the reader flabbergasted?
  • Language and verbal skills
    How is the plot developed? What figures of speech are used? How has the writer used language to achieve elegance and imagery?
  • Originality
    Has the writer created something fresh and new in tone, style ect. Or one can find traces of plagiarism, and lack of new ideas?
  • Technical Accuracy
    How is the grammatical structure of the story and how does it help achieve the writer’s goals? How are punctuation, spelling, paragraph arrangement and sentence length?


  • 1st Prize: 200,000 T
  • 2nd Prize: 150,000 T
  • 3rd Prize: 100,000 T

+ Certificates of Achievement signed by ELSA and FFLL

Deadline: 25th of  Esfand  (15th of March)

Judge: Prof. Dr. Stefan Piasecki – YMCA-University Kassel, Germany

Flash Fiction Contest Submission Form
Questions are answered through litracoria@gmail.com
Please enter your work's title here and do not include it in the following field.
Please pay attention to word limits! Contest entries must not exceed 500 words in length.