Flash Fiction Contest: Winners Announced!

Flash Fiction Contest: Winners Announced!


Flash Fiction Contest Winners Announced

Dear all

ELSA is proud and excited to announce the winners of its 2016 Flash Fiction Contest along with the 6 honorable mentions.

We would like to thank all those who entered the contest and were brave enough to challenge themselves. We hope this competition has been a great experience for them just as it has been for us. We would also like to send our gratitude to dear Professor Piasecki for honoring us by accepting to be the judge of this contest and for sending us a message to share with the contestants. The following is Professor Piasecki’s message to all those who participated in this contest:


Dr. Stefan Piasecki

Prof. Dr. Stefan Piasecki

Dear Contestants and Winners of this years’ Flash Fiction contest,

Congratulations on your successful participation, your talents and the energy you have put into this endeavour. I was honored to be allowed to serve as your judge and as that I have studied your submissions with a lot of interest and a constantly rising pleasure.

This contest was open to each and every student of the faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures. You were amongst those who not only read about it, but also took up the chance to sit down, write a piece of literature and then share it with first the jury and then the public. You know just as we do that you have spent your time on providing something extra, something next to your regular duties, and that you have shown you can enter challenges and compete.

You have worked hard to express your thoughts and to fit them into the narrow space the rules provided. Whether you have won the contest or not, those who were elected by the wonderful preselection team made their words really shine and no matter how long or how short their contribution was, all of them were of a very good quality.

Some of these stories were rather short, but then again packed with emotions. Others featured intriguing dialogue, leading us, the readers, literally to hell and back. But all of these stories had one thing in common: none of them were boring.

If you are selected as a winner, feel embraced and acknowledged. If your entry isn’t amongst those selected, don’t feel disheartened and give it another try. It was really a difficult task to pick winners out of a number of formidable stories. All of you, winners or not, should continue writing and even rise above the level you have reached by now. Show your stories to friends, family and teachers, and ask them what they think. Challenge yourself and others and put your skills to the test.

Being challenged sharpens your skills and makes you stronger. Being a storyteller is much more than just writing and telling fiction. It is being able to weave words into dreams, create visions others can delve into and provide inspiration for the readers. What else can be more rewarding than touching another person’s soul? And maybe, who knows, it is your story that can help somebody overcome his own barriers.

I was proud of being the judge of your stories and I was delighted by the results. 

May God bless you and watch your steps – always.

Stefan Piasecki


Without further ado here are the winners and the honorable mentions:


  • 1st Place: “The Melodies” by Abolfazl Mohammadi
  • 2nd Place: “The Leper House” by Pouya Gorji
  • 3rd Place: “The Feline Isaac” by Nima Bahrami

Honorable Mentions:

  • “The Boy” by Saeed Yaghoubizadeh
  • “The Weight of Our Past” by Shakila Keyhani
  • “PRIDE” by Fatemeh Ahmadi
  • “Fourth Session” by Sara Bavakhani
  • “ A Strange Form” by Patrick Moran
  • “ A Trifle of the Past” by Hanieh Bakhtiari

Congratulations to all the contestants especially the 3 winners and the 6 commended stories.

Winners and honorable mentions will be contacted in the next few days to receive their prizes and certificates. Also, a selection of submitted stories will be published here on Litracoria.com this week.

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