Register for New Season of Book Club: World’s Classical Heritage

Register for New Season of Book Club: World’s Classical Heritage

We are, as people of modern times, undeniably heirs to the ancients. People would often thoughtlessly but confidently say: “There is not much one can acquire by reading about/by the ancients! They were people of limited knowledge and shallow wisdom after all! That is why they are extinct now!!”

To these ignorant sentences we have one answer: An echoing, certain “No”.
Humanity cannot know himself unless he knows the trodden steps behind him; not knowing who one is ,how can one expect to know where he is going…?

Classics of the world form a huge, promising gate to the Wisdom of/about the trodden past. The “World’s Classical Heritage” is the name we have given to this season of our book club. We shall read, think , discuss our ideas and gain insights about the castle of the past. We hope a clearer idea may be acquired at the end of our sessions, an idea regarding Who and How we have been, are , and may ever be.

Here is an overview of what we are going to cover in this new season of Book Club:

  • Dawn of Man
    I) Why’s and What’s of history/language/myth
    II) Gilgamesh
  • Greek and Roman Civilization
    III) Cupid and Psyche
    IV) Adventures of Aeneas
    V) Prometheus Bound
  • Medieval Europe
    VI) Caedmon’s Hymn/ Death of Arthur
  • Religiosity Rules
    VII) The Fall of Man
  • Religiosity Rules (2)
    VIII) The Gospel According to John
    IX) Sermon on the Mountain
  • Islam Shines
    X) Islamic Culture and the European Literature
  • Renaissance
    XI) Il Princo
    XII) Paradise Lost

Session Details:

  • Date and time: Tuesdays, 12:00PM to 01:00PM
  • Place open at 11:30PM for book club members
  • Coffee will be provided! 🙂

To join us, please register in the section below. You will then be able to receive the latest news, invitations, schedules, discussion sources, and reviews of the sessions. Hope to see you in!

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