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Book Club

World Classics and the 20th Century

For all students of literature and even for those outside of the academia who are interested in reading fiction, there are books, especially in the world literature, that we all have heard about but have never had the chance to read. This is why we would like to cover a few of them in this season of our book club. But since we wanted to be considerate of different tastes and wanted to also add variety to our reading list, we offer you also the 20th century English literature. The books written during the 20th century are of substantial importance to anyone who is interested to know how authors tried to represent the fast-changing world around them exploring new forms and themes.

Although many might think that classics are boring and only to be read to pass literature courses, we don’t think so. In this year’s book club, World Classics and the 20th Century, we will tackle problems like “these books are too long”, “we don’t have enough time” or “these are hard to read”, and we will read and more importantly discuss these books in an atmosphere where everyone has a passion for reading.

The first day of our book club will be dedicated to talking about literature as a whole. Why do we read literature? What is the significance of fiction in our lives? What reasons are there to care about literature so much as many people do around the world? We would appreciate it if you could prepare yourselves to talk about these questions when you attend the first session.

IMPORTANT: The first session will on Monday (2nd of Esfand), 12 noon to 1 PM , Class no. 123, Faculty of Foreign Languages and Literatures.

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The following books are selected to form the two packages of World Classics and 20th Century fiction . One book from each package will be voted on to be covered in the new season of the ELSA Book Club:

War and Peace
The Idiot
Les Misérables
Don Quixote

A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
The Grapes of Wrath
Brave New World
The Fall

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