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Litracoria's Story

Litracoria is the first English literary magazine published in Iran. It was founded by the English Literature Student Association (ELSA) of University of Tehran in 2014. Among many reasons behind its foundation, we primarily wanted to create what we were craving for to read; we wanted to read about the foreign literature and language in a way closer to our way of perception and insights as literature students. Litracoria was meant to appease our appetite for a simpler, but deeper sense of literature, but little by little, it turned out to be more than what we were looking for.

Having put all that we had into its first issue, Litracoria became a success. It won multiple prizes and turned into a source of inspiration for many readers. In addition, as we had decided to dedicate 15% of our sales profit to charitable activities, the first issue made enough to help children diagnosed with cancer (Mahak Organization). In other words, Litracoria fulfilled many promises that it had never made.

As a part of the English Literature Student Association, Litracoria became the supporter of many competitions and activities. Mainly, it aimed to support non-anglophones who wish to express themselves in English as today’s international language. Litracoria tries to create a space where language is less than an issue; it wants to enlarge the horizon of the World literature.

Now, Litracoria has turned into an instance of interaction between fans of literature from all over the world. Litracoria is a chance for young writers and thinkers to exchange their views regardless of their nationalities and situations. Litracoria wants to serve as the literary media to those readers who crave for young and genuine viewpoints and ideas. Litracoria supports the young writers looking for being read.

Please head to our magazine page to get more insights on what we do.